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Vision of Tekirda­ Commodity Exchange is to help effective creation of marketing of agricultural products.
  We hereby aim to be “MAIN CENTRE” in forming prices of products falling into the group of Cereal and Oil Seeds having strategic importance in terms of our country and exhibiting continuous development trend in parallel with technological improvements experienced in the world in connection with production activities over our region and thereby promoting industrial intense operation of industrial branches based on agriculture and to establish a market based on futures contract in cereal and oil seeds in medium terms by advancing spot transactions base on documents and registrations. 
As our commodity exchange institution, from this point forth, real estate having 11.014 m² surface area in the vicinity of Zahireciler Site outside of the city was purchased for the purpose of constructing “New Stock Exchange Service Building” on behalf of our stock exchange in November, 2000 and architectural project studies of New Service Building was commenced in August, 2001 and building license was obtained on 22/10/2002 for our project together with issuance of zoning status over our land and obtaining required approvals by completing engineering projects.   

Our project having total 2.787 m² building construction area has sale room with 550 m² surface area and has areas where stock exchange administrative works will be executed and social life areas to be used as Futures Contract Room, Meeting Halls, Product Analysis Laboratory, Soil Analysis Laboratory, Producer Café and lounge

Our stock exchange institution moved to New Service Building and continues its operation herein.